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Karaoke at the Thunderbird Lounge every night 9-1.
Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our rules...

  • Please turn in one request at a time.  When you SING ONE, BRING ONE.  This will keep your place in the next rotation.  If you do not turn in a slip before the start of the next rotation, you may miss your turn & will have to wait another round. 
  • Duets are handled as follows: 1 time on stage for your solo song (or duet with someone else) and you may go up ONE more time for support on someone elses song - the exception being that it was not the same person you just sang your duet with ie John & Wendy, then Wendy & John, this will be treated as the same couple. If you sing a solo (or duet) AND 1 duet (under someone elses name), you will need to wait until the next round for any other duets.
  • New singers will be worked into the existing rotation their first time up.  They will be mixed in with the old singers 1 old, 1 new.  Once a new singer sings, they will wait the full rotation like everyone else.
  • Once a song is performed for the evening, it will not be repeated.
  • Anyone discovered submitting slips under a different name to "Defeat" the rotation will be removed from the rotation & not allowed to sing for the rest of the night!
  • Please be courteous to all performers.  Please applaud after each & every singer before & after their performance.
  • Rudeness will not be tolerated!  Give the same respect to performers as you would like to see for yourself.  To get up & sing in front of people can be very intimidating if the crowd isn't encouraging.
  • Please do not use obscene language over the microphone.  You will be asked to leave the stage.
  • Please do not swing the microphone by the cord or drop the mics.  Not only is it bad for the cord, but the microphone could fly off & hit someone.
  • If a dance floor is available, make full use of it.  There are many varieties of dance music on karaoke.  We will occasionally put some dance music in if we get enough requests for it.
  • At times a rotation may get a little long.  PLEASE BE PATIENT.  Your turn will eventually come.  Remember also, "YOU WHINE, YOU WAIT!"
  • The most important thing to remember is we are all out to have fun.  Either singing or just listening, please support the club you are in.  Coffee, Water, & Soda do not pay for the cost of ALLOWING YOU to sing at their establishment.  If you do not drink, try a virgin drink or order a food dish (when available).  PLEASE show your appreciation of your servers. 
Remember if your favorite karaoke club does not make money, they will not continue the service for you!!